Woman (Cassie Slane) in center, at home in the kitchen, getting makeup done in preparation for a TV commercial shoot with a female makeup artist on the left and a wardrobe designer on the right.

TV Commercials

Cassie can be found on TV commercials airing across the country playing the part of a relatable business woman, busy mom, home cook, consumer product enthusiast, and more.

As a graduate of New York University’s Journalism School, Cassie learned the ins and outs of producing, writing, reporting and editing for television. This has helped Cassie understand what grabs viewers' attention and what products and services they are interested in.

Working as a QVC co-host and television reporter, Cassie has become comfortable in front of the camera and large audiences. She also has a passion for representing brands and is available for booking for national, regional and local TV commercials.

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