Woman (Cassie Slane) on the left and in red/pink shirt and woman on left in pink dress posing for a picture after recording a spokesperson segment.


As a professional media spokesperson, Cassie works with select companies and brands to create interesting and headline grabbing content that gets attention and increases buzz.

Cassie's strength is partnering with brands as an on-air media personality, on-camera spokesperson, consumer products expert and technology expert to amplify messages through satellite media tours (SMTs), video news releases (VNRs), and audio news releases (ANRs) for national and local TV and radio.

She makes it her priority to help consumers improve their knowledge of products and technology  in an easy to understand way.

Cassie has strong relationships with the news media and experience conducting in-studio and remote live and taped interviews. She can provide a thoughtful, positive voice for your business and brand resulting in a powerful call to action that drives results.

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